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in the community

We offer trainings to police officers, first responders, medical staff, faith based leaders, court personnel and others who work with survivors of sexual abuse and assault.
• Indicators
• Mandated reporting
• Responding to sexual assault and abuse
• Utilizing our services to serve the survivor

We offer programs to clubs, faith based organizations, corporations and other groups to educate people about the reality of sexual violence and how we can all be part of the solution.
• Adult sexual assault
• Sexual harassment
• Healthy dating
• Child sexual assault
• Prevention efforts

We offer age-appropriate educational and empowering prevention programs for student’s pre-K through college. All of our programs are interactive and discussion based. From preschool through 7th grade, students will learn to define personal safety rights, recognize manipulative relationships, bystander intervention and how to report it to a trusted adult. Our 8th grade and high school programs focus on understanding sexual violence, identifying healthy relationships, consent vs. compliance and how to get help. Our college programs dive deeper into the dynamics of sexual assault, gender socialization, objectification and survivor support.

• Child Assault Prevention Program  (CAPP) – Pre-K through 4th grade
• Sexual Harassment Prevention Program – 6th and 7th grade
• Teen Assault Prevention Program (TAPP) – 8th grade through high school
• Unmasking Masculinity: Rebuilding what it means to be ‘A Man’ – high school and college level
• Bystander Intervention: Intervening on campus – college level

School Personnel
We offer trainings and presentations for administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors and psychologists to create an understanding around child sexual abuse, handling disclosures and best practices of implementing prevention efforts. Our trainings cover details around Erin’s Law, the grooming process, why children don’t disclose and how to handle a disclosure. We also offer the ZCenter Prevention Network (ZPN), a networking membership that includes a website for prevention resources, triannual meetings and school community forums for questions.

For questions about becoming a ZPN member please contact: Wendy Ivy (847) 244-1187

For age-appropriate resources, click here:
Kindergarten-5th  /  Grades 6-7  /  Grades 8-12

We offer professional trainings during parent nights, open houses and curriculum nights for students’ parents and caregivers. This training is designed to create an understanding around the dynamics of child sexual abuse, prevalence, indicators and ways to talk to their children about sexual abuse.

Click here to view our Survivor Services.

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