Become a Survivor Superhero Today

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What is a Survivor Superhero?

Superheros are committed to ending sexual violence with ongoing gifts. ZCenter is committed to serving survivors through the pandemic and beyond. Your gift provides art therapy supplies, phone line access, self care kits, and counseling to the resilient clients we serve.

The Survivor Superhero Program ensures your participation in our daily mission with your monthly contribution. Your gifts have a lasting impact and make you the superhero our survivor clients need!

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Why is the Superhero program important?

Why The Program Matters

The ongoing crisis has created a new reality of the increased need for under-resourced survivors in Lake and Northern Cook County. For many, this moment has pulled back the curtain on the sexual violence crisis in our community. For many others, the need is their lived reality.

At ZCenter we have the capacity to expand our services with your monthly donation. Month after month, your contribution will serve more children and more survivors than a one-time contribution. Provide support and education for not one, but many survivors and children beginning at $5 dollars a month through the Survivor Superhero Program.

Become a Hero Today

A monthly contribution at of any amount helps provide prevention education to children, support survivors in their healing process, and bring awareness to the community to take action in ending sexual violence. Your gift provides art therapy supplies, phone line access, self care kits, and counseling to the vulnerable clients we serve.

As a member of the Survivor Superhero Program, your monthly contributions will ensure that client survivors and their families are safe during their healing journey and ensure prevention education programs continue in Lake County. Your contributions allow ZCenter to educate more children, support more survivors, and build a community committed to ending sexual violence.

You can be a survivor superhero!

A Real Life Superhero - Jean Cozier

Jean Cozier is the passionate, vibrant, founding donor of the Survivor Superhero Program. Jean is a survivor and a longtime friend to ZCenter. Your gifts, along with Jean’s provide a direct impact to support the healing of all survivors.

When we think about superheros, we think about the powers that they possess to make the world a better place. Jean uses her lived experience to spread knowledge and passion around the issue of sexual violence with the world. She brings light to a topic that so many want to keep in the dark.

"You can give, you can talk about it, you can let people know why you’re doing it. And if they’re one of those people out there that doesn’t know how big the problem is, educate them."

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