Let’s bring our voice to our vision

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center seeks to provide quality, comprehensive, client centered services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Services are provided for free, in partnership with the survivor in the spirit of equality, free from judgment or oppression. ZCenter seeks to be an active presence in the community, to speak up in support of, and in partnership with, all survivors of sexual violence.

Our Mission

To mobilize the community toward ending systemic sexual violence while amplifying the voice of survivors through trauma informed care, advocacy, and prevention education.

Vision: To create a community free from sexual violence.


Our Diversity Statement:

We value, encourage, and champion cross cultural diversity in all areas of our work at ZCenter.

We commit to strengthening our teams, vendors, and community partnerships through diversity and culture. 

We commit to the inclusion of all groups: gender, race, age, sexual orientation, diversity of ability, religion, socioeconomic status, and experience. These traits support the growth of ZCenter and are critical to help us meet the mission of ending sexual violence.

We value historical accuracy and honor the work that Folx of Color have been championing for within an intersectional feminist framework that allows us to continue anti-violence work with the acknowledgement of People of Color (POC) in anti-hate, anti-shame, and anti-guilt work.

We acknowledge and honor the uniqueness of our clients and their experiences and we commit to maintain an environment of respect and equity. 

We commit to removing barriers, prioritize services and outreach to underserved communities and under-resourced people, and providing free services for survivors. 

We commit to educating ourselves, including ongoing in-service training. We acknowledge this as a lifespan of work to continue to learn best practices for diversity, inclusion, and equity.


Reach out for help.
Bring a prevention program or awareness training to your community.
Donate time or money.


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