Community Spotlight: The Resurrection Project

All over Chicagoland, the flag of Mexico flies its regal red and green in the September air as car after car displays the pride that so many have in their culture. This month, many in Chicagoland celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and Mexican Independence Day. We at ZCenter take today to shine a spotlight on one specific organization working to empower local Latinx communities.

The Resurrection Project, located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, supports and scaffolds the local community in four key areas: financial wellness, affordable housing, immigration, and leadership development/civic engagement. The organization’s model stresses their work to strengthen the community, its wealth, and community ownership. 

ABC News Chicago reported that The Resurrection Project is also helping to increase home ownership among Latinx families. We know that home ownership becomes a marker of generational wealth, too often excluding People of Color. As The Resurrection Project is breaking ground on Casa Durango, affordable housing for middle class families in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, home ownership becomes a reality.

” ‘We welcome newcomers, but we also want the families who have been here for many years to benefit from the prosperity of neighborhood development,’ said Raul Raymundo, CEO and co-founder, The Resurrection Project.” (ABC News Chicago)

We thank The Resurrection Project for their progressive efforts to combat gentrification and empower Latinx small businesses, families, and individuals. To the many other local organizations serving the local Latinx community— including Mano a Mano, HACES, La Paloma, and Catholic Charities —we thank you for your outstanding work and your fight for social justice.

Written by Kristin Jones, PhD, EdM, Outreach Supervisor

All ZCenter blog posts are written by state certified staff, interns, and volunteers. For questions on authorship or content, please email

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