Self Care Tips for the Busy Body

When we think about self care, we might not always have it on the top of our to-do lists. We often forget to check on our mind and body in between our every day schedule. Ensuring that we are pouring from a full cup is so important when we think about self care and we are going to talk about why and how to make sure we are filling our needs. Think about a car – it runs on fuel and up-keep, just like our bodies and minds. 

Here are some tips on prioritizing self care in your life! 

  • Set a specific time every week that you will practice self care. 
  • Write it on your calendar so you can’t forget. 
  • Set a reminder on your phone. 
  • Remember the importance of self-care and that you deserve it.

Now that we have set aside time that we are going to focus on ourselves, we have to figure out what we can be doing in that time. Do you like to walk around the lake on a nice breezy day or would you rather spend some time reading a good book out on your porch? Think about what activities and people make you happy and go from there. 

Here are some ideas that may help. 

  • Meet a friend at the gym. 
  • Read a book while getting a pedicure. 
  • Cook your favorite dinner while listening to a podcast. 
  • Shop til you drop. 
  • Read your favorite uplifting book. 
  • Write down personal affirmations in your journal. 
  • Practice yoga and make some hot tea. 
  • Walk with your pet or a friend in nature. 
  • Eat mindfully. 
  • Get up from your desk or the couch and clean one thing in your home. 

These are just some ideas of things we can be doing to fill our cup back up. Whatever your activity is, make sure you are saving time every day, week, or month to be doing it! 


Written by Dana Drokez, Education and Outreach Specialist.

All ZCenter blog posts are written by state certified staff, interns, and volunteers. For questions on authorship or content, please email

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